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  • Gelatine is used in creams, gels and shampoo.

  • Gelatine is natural, safe and healthy food.

  • Soft capsule shells are produced by gelatine.

  • Gelatin provides the protein requirements of pets.

    About Us

    We are one of India’s oldest producers of gelatine serving the domestic & international markets since the last 7 decades. The current Directors are third generation family members from the founding family and the fourth generation has also joined the privately owned family business in 2014.

    The first plant sourced from UK was commissioned in 1940s under the name Bhopal Glues & Chemicals for production of technical gelatin on 10 acres land in the city of Bhopal, which has now been closed down in 2002 and this area which is in the heart of the city is being used for commercial use now. The present plant was set up in 1984 under the name of Bhopal Gelatines about 45 kms from Bhopal for production of 750 MT edible bovine hide gelatin per annum on more than 40 acres land on the main National Highway 12 at Village Pilukhedhi, District Rajgarh. The second plant was imported from Italy, UK and Germany but has been upgraded and expanded to make bone gelatine also in addition to production of hide gelatine and conforms to the pharmaceutical industry’s specifications of IP, USP, BP. The current hide and bone gelatine combined production capacity is 2000 MT per annum and both companies have been merged together as Bhopal Glues & Chemicals.

    We are ideally located near Bhopal, which is the approximate epicentre of India, for timely supplies of it’s product to each part of the country. Also abundant raw material is available from surrounding areas from all corners of India. The plant has enough open land of over 85 acres for any further expansion in future. We are improving the general cleanliness of the factory areas, paving of all open areas in the factory area for dust control, covering the entire factory area by a boundary wall around the factory for security, and protection from stray animals. Bhopal Glues conducts pest control protocol daily as well as hygiene sanitation round the clock to control bacteria and follow guidelines as per HACCP, GMP protocol.

    All areas of operation have changing rooms, fly catcher, rodent box at point of entry.

    The layout of the factory has been done in such a way that raw material section is separated by a road from the finishing section, hide section is separated by a road from the bone section to avoid cross contamination. The Company has provided separate housing for its workers and staff in the residential areas developed by the Company adjacent to the plant so that the employees do not have to travel to the city. These facilities are now being renovated and for additional demand, construction of multi-storey building having about 12 new staff family accommodation units as well as 18 new family accommodation units for the blue collar workers is underway which should be completed by the end of 2014. The new staff block has a children playing area, adult games area, mess and recreation club on the top floor of the building for round the clock services to the staff.

    Bhopal Glues is now planning to expand production by installation of additional equipment to achieve production of Gelatine to 3200 MT per annum from 2016.
    • What is Gelatine?
      Gelatine is produced from renewable natural raw material, not from genetically modified materials, and is not chemically modified. Gelatine is obtained by partial hydrolysis (this is a controlled degradation of the molecular chain) of the structural macro-protein collagen, which occurs in the skin and bone of animals. During this process, collagen - which is insoluble in water - is transformed into gelatine, which is soluble in warm water.

      Gelatine contains nine of the ten essential amino acids and therefore has a substantial nutritional value. Amino acids are vital for life. In nature, amino acids are linked together in lengthy and complex polypeptides or proteins. The pattern of the amino acids, the length of the molecular chain and the type of side chains determine the characteristics of the resulting proteins. Many amino acids are produced by the body. Ten amino acids can be absorbed only via foodstuffs. These are the essential amino acids, as they are termed.

      Gelatine improves the overall quality of finished products : The physical properties of Gelatine is its ability to gel, reverse gel, to create foam, film and emulsion, to bind, stabilise and thicken are unique. It can be tailor-made in particle size, gel strength, viscosity.
    • Our Product
      Our gelatine is derived from selected raw material from controlled sources whereby a very clean, odour-less and contamination-free product is made in the following grades :- 100, 140, 160 and 210, 240 Bloom. We are one of the very few gelatine producers in the world making Halal gelatin, hide gelatin (which is considered BSE free) as well as bone gelatin. We make Gelatine for edible applications as well as pharmaceutical applications complying to IP, USP, BP norms in noodle form, granular form in customized mesh size.We also make technical gelatin in flake form in a different plant separated by a road from the Gelatine plant. Di Calcium phosphate powder for animal feed is also made having phosphorus more than 17%, Floride not more than 0.1 %, cilica not more than 1%.
    • Process Involved
      We make type B Gelatine from bovine hides as well as bovine bones. The bovine hides are washed in water and then put in pits for liming for a period of about 45 days after which it swells and becomes soft. The hide pieces are then washed in water, fat removed and neutralized by adding acid after which it is ready for cooking for extraction of Gelatine.

      In case of bovine bones, SRM free bones are bought and stocked in the bone stocking shed.they are washed in hot water to remove dirt and grease and then subjected to weak acid for a week to dissolve the calcium and phosphorus from the bones into the acid. This solution is precipitated in lime to obtain Di Calcium Phosphate. The bones pieces after removal of the calcium and phosphorus become soft like hide and is now called ossien, which is put in pits for liming for a period of about 50 days. The ossein is then washed in water and acid to neutralize the lime after which it is ready for cooking for extraction of Gelatine.

      From extraction process onwards, the process for making gelatine from hide and ossein is same. They are cooked in clean stainless steel vessels to get a weak broth like extract which is filtered, fat removed, deminerelized and concentrated in an evaporator into a honey like liquid gelatine. Throughout this process, round the clock control of ph value, temperature, concentration of liquor is monitored to ensure quality.This concentrated gelatine extract is chilled into a gelly which is extruded into noodles which are dried in a dehumidified air drier having different air zones and the final product of dry gelatine noodles is obtained which is stocked in the blending store. It is tested for its different physical parameters such as jelly strength, viscosity, colour, transparency, ash etc and also microbiological parameters such as bacteria, salmonella, e colli etc and is then blended and crushed as per the customer specifications and packed in 50 kg bags for dispatch.

      Product Application

      Food Industry
      Gelatine is natural, safe and healthy. It is free of fats, sugar, gluten, additives and carbohydrates, free of cholesterol, allergenic substances and additives, it is low in calories. Gelatine helps in making processed foods with reduced salt, sugar, fat complying to the current trends of healthy and quick food indulgence.
      Soft capsules are produced by making film with medium bloom gelatine, glycerol, sorbitol, water etc and filling the medicines (powder/liquid) and closing the capsule at the same time. Soft capsules are making in different shapes, transparent capsules as well as with colours.
      Pet Food Industry
      Gelatin provides the protein requirements of pets, helps in getting and maintenence of a healthy coat , provides healthy food without fat, cholesterol, and adds flavor to the pet food. Gelatine helps in creating innovative pet foods while maintaining the shelf life, taste, texture.
      Beauty Products
      Gelatine is used in creams, gels, shampoo which enhances the outer beauty by helping to maintain healthy hair, soft and glowing skin, retain moisture of the skin as in sun screens, helps in anti aging and wrinkles in skin, and healthy, shiny nails.

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